Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tool #8

Three (probably very simple and obvious) things I learned about the devices I will be receiving for my classroom:

*  I learned that I can take a picture of the iPad screen just by holding down the sleep and home buttons simultaneously, and then save or email.
*  Just as exciting was discovering that I can create a webclip for easy access to web pages that I visit often.
*  I learned how to sync my iPad to my laptop...well I'm still learning...

I am excited about getting the iPads for our classroom.  I have been using my personal iPad for about eight months now, and just love it!  I know that the children are coming into kindergarten very familiar with both iPads and netbooks as most of them have the technology at home. Hopefully, that will make it easier for me to instruct with them.  However, I'm also aware that I will definitely have to model appropriate behaviors with our school devices.  There will be defined rules about iPads and netbooks, and I can see many opportunities for "fishbowl" lessons.  My students will likely be experts at game apps, so I look forward to sharing with them the many other ways to use both devices.

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