Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tool #4

Using Google Docs, I was able to make a document and send it to my team. I appreciate that they can respond and add or make changes as needed. I then made a sample multiple choice quiz which I sent to two colleagues, receiving comments from both. When I came back today to complete my blog, I tried to open my sample quiz on Google Docs and it looked nothing like my original. When I embedded it into this blog and previewed it, I was able to view it correctly. Can anyone explain to me why that happened? I like the idea of sharing documents with my team, but I'm not sure how I could make this appropriate for kindergarten use. I don't think they could navigate through all of this. I will use google docs to send request lists to parents for different needs in the classroom. The parents could easily see who has already signed up for what and what is still needed.


  1. The issue with the google doc changed may be because you allowed others to edit it. Someone may have inadvertently changed it. At least it is corrected now, Susan. Great quiz!