Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tool # 3

I embedded two different videos from YouTube into my blog. These videos will be appropriate for use when we are studying plants and zoo animals during this school year. These videos can be shared with my team and with other teachers visiting my blog. I also looked at some videos in Discovery Education, noting many that I will use during the school year. As I read other trusted blogs written by my peers, I'm sure I will use their embedded videos as resources for my classroom.
I loved the A Fair(y)Use Tale and the music video on fair use and copyright. I think both would be wonderful to share with students while stressing the importance of using other people's works responsibly and giving credit to the original source. Creating the dropbox was painless! I feel certain that I will be better organized, and I will be able to readily share files with my team without having to search in different places to find what is needed. I also like that no matter what device I am working on, I can locate what I need!

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